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There's no question that the Internet would look different sans Google. Perhaps without the mathematical and programming wizardry of co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, no other company would've developed search savvy on par with Google's. What If There Was No Google? - TopprBytes What if there was no Google? The use of library card catalogs would increase because people would actually visit libraries for getting required information on different topics. Carrying out a research on a particular topic would take a long time because researchers would not get the flexibility of carrying out their researches from home. What would happen if there was no google? A life without Sep 09, 2016


Nov 14, 2019 Seems Unthinkable Today, But What if There Was No Google Now, if there is no Google, there is no Chrome either! That means we are left with Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox! I am not saying that the other two browsers are not good, but the simplicity of Chrome cannot be matched. What Would Happen if There was No Google? - Imaginovation

Yes. Google can be, and is, sometimes wrong. That answer is true today, in the same way that the answers saying “no, Google can’t be wrong” were true when all Google was doing was providing a list of links to articles it thought relevant. These da

Nov 14, 2019