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Protect your family on the web | Broadband - Virgin Media Parental controls block websites and applications that you think are unsuitable for your child. They come in all shapes and sizes, from stand-alone software to customisable settings within your computer’s operating system or web browser. porn sites that arent blocked? | Yahoo Answers Jun 17, 2007 How do I stop or remove ISP blocking? - Liberty Shield With Virgin Media, Web Safe is entirely optional and in many instances can be disabled completely, typically in house of only adults. Virgin's customisable Child Safe filters also allow you to block additional content categories, to block or allow individual sites and set a … Best VPNs for Virgin Media Throttling, Blocking – Best Reviews

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Virgin Media web filter…and how to bypass it – Paul Kerrison Virgin Media web filter…and how to bypass it. May 10 2012. Tech. The high court ruling forcing ISPs to block The Pirate Bay finally affected me today. Although not a regular to the site myself, since I heard my Internet usage would be effectively censored I’ve started taking an interest in whether I can get there or not…As of today

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Why can’t I access porn - Virgin Media Community - 3910098 What site(s) is it- some should be fine (provided you have parental controls off) but some may have issues as Buffer points out I'm a Very Insightful Person , I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media. How to bypass the pirate bay virgin media web filter May 06, 2012 Court Orders List | Virgin Media Virgin Media prides itself on being a responsible ISP and will block websites and servers when ordered to do so by the Courts. As Virgin Media customers, you may have the right to apply to the High Court to vary or discharge the Court Orders below if you are affected by the blocks which have been imposed.