The legislation changes Turkey's original 2007 Internet law, and has sparked street protests and various public campaigns against the new online controls. The conservative government has rejected

Turkey’s new internet law: policing the online mall Since the protests in Gezi Park eight months ago freedom of expression has coming under increasing attack, both on and offline. Turkey Law: Internet Law Library Originally published by the U.S. House of Representatives, the Internet Law Library, published by Pritchard Law Webs, contains the law resources of the Internet organized by subject and jurisdiction -- including United States federal, state, territorial, and local law, the laws of other nations, international law and treaties, attorney directories, law school libraries, and law book reviews 'Turkey's new Internet law is the first step toward 'Turkey's new Internet law is the first step toward surveillance society,' says cyberlaw expert ISTANBUL ‘The Internet law will have a chilling effect on political discourse. The media has already been forced to self-censorship, and now it will start with the people,’ says … Turkey proposes social media law, threatening press

Jul 24, 2020

A law passed by Turkey’s parliament Wednesday gives the government extensive new controls over the Internet amid a growing corruption scandal, leading critics to cry foul over curtailed freedoms Oct 22, 2019 · The incursion, Turkey claimed, was justified by “the right of self-defense as outlined in Article 51 of the UN Charter, to counter the imminent terrorist threat, to ensure Turkey’s border Feb 23, 2014 · Turkey protests over internet law Jump to media player Turkish police have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of protesters in Istanbul and Ankara. 19 Jan 14 Facebook

Defamation remains a criminal offence in Turkey. Insult (Turkish Criminal Code Art. 125), subject to various qualifying conditions: • General insult.The Turkish Criminal Code defines insult as “attribut[ing] an act, or fact, to a person in a manner that may impugn that person’s honour, dignity or prestige, or attack[ing] someone’s honour, dignity or prestige by swearing”.

Mar 27, 2018 · The Internet is already highly censored in Turkey. Legislation passed in recent years has repeatedly extended the powers of the authorities to block websites without reference to a judge . Aside from the leading outspoken Turkish news websites, the authorities have repeatedly blocked Twitter and YouTube , while Wikipedia continues to be Turkey's crackdown on the internet raises "serious concerns" and "needs to be revised in line with European standards," the European Commission has said. The commission's spokesman on enlargement, Peter Stano, on Thursday (6 February) noted that the new regime “would lead to a further reduction in internet freedom.”