IPv6-tunnel broken in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

IPv6 Tunnels - System Administration Guide: IP Services To create a tunnel to encapsulate IPv6 packets over an IPv6 network, IPv6 over IPv6, you create the following file name: /etc/hostname6.ip6.tun0. Example 11-12 hostname6.ip6.tun0 File for an IPv6 over IPv6 Tunnel. The following is an example of entries in the hostname6.ip6.tun0 file for IPv6 encapsulation over an IPv6 network: Free IPv6 Tunnels – DNS LookUP Be warned, that it is a bit harder to set up than the average IPv6 tunnel so be prepared. You can start by getting a Xem VM from a provider that gives IPv6 connectivity such as Goscomb Technologies. There is a great guide on the above URL as to how you might go about tunneling to your own IPv6 … Configuring IPv6 Routing through IPv4 in a Microsoft

After selecting the Fusion IPv6 Tool from the Member Tools menu, you will be prompted to select a service address for which you would like to enable IPv6 service. Please note you will need an IPv6-compatible residential gateway (RG) or router; for more information, consult the IPv6 …

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Aug 16, 2013

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