Hello Eyediosmioh, We understand that you're experiencing an issue concerning an inability to access some apps on your Xbox 360 console. Our recommendation here, please attempt to follow our help for Xbox Live apps on Xbox 360 support article for various steps to try in order to resolve this case.

Oct 20, 2013 How to setup Netflix on Xbox 360 - YouTube Feb 10, 2012 How to Get Netflix on a Non-Smart TV

Aug 02, 2014

May 21, 2014 · Cancel your Xbox Live subscription. You've probably heard that Microsoft is switching up how Xbox Live Gold works next month, but if your 360 is more of a Netflix machine than an online gaming Whether you're using an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, it's just too damn difficult to log out and log back in with another account, since the Netflix account is directly associated with the PS3 and Xbox gamertag. Go to the Netflix activation page on your computer or on your device and there click the icon stating “continue Xbox360 activation” and provide the activation code which you have received on your screen previously and then click the “Activate” tab and then you will find the content via your Xbox360. Way to Get a New Xbox Activation Code

To troubleshoot problems downloading Xbox Live apps, see Troubleshoot Xbox Live content problems on Xbox 360.If you can't play or use content that you previously downloaded to your Xbox 360 console and played, see Can't play or use previously downloaded content on Xbox 360.If you’re still having trouble, follow the below steps.

Can I watch Netflix on my Xbox 360 without Xbox Live? - Quora Yes you can. You would still need to sign up for a silver account which is just an account to logon to Xbox live and then install the Netflix app and login to it with