Mar 03, 2017

Security guide for Microsoft® Teams - Microsoft Teams SRTP is used for media traffic and is also encrypted. Identity Spoofing (IP Address Spoofing) Spoofing occurs when the attacker determines and uses an IP address of a network, computer, or network component without being authorized to do so. A successful attack allows the attacker to operate as if the attacker is the entity normally identified The Basics of Cryptography and - What Is My IP Address Public-key encryption, also known as "asymmetric" cryptography, the one most used on the Internet; Secret-key encryption; Here's how those work between the sender and receiver of an encrypted transmission: Two keys are better than one. Public-key encryption uses two keys, one private and one public, and the sender and receiver must have both keys. Supported Encryption Domain or Proxy ID Supported Encryption Domain or Proxy ID. The IPSec protocol uses Security Associations (SAs) to determine how to encrypt packets. Within each SA, you define encryption domains to map a packet's source and destination IP address and protocol type to an entry in the SA database to define how to encrypt or decrypt a packet.

Dec 10, 2017

Encryption 101 - Encrypt All The Things There's a simple way to be sure the website you're using is encrypting any data you send or receive. Just look in the address bar where the website's shows up. The website is secure if you see the "padlock" icon in the address bar and/or "https://" in the very first part of the website's address. That "s" actually stands for secure.

Your IP address: Who can see it and what you can do about

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