Jun 26, 2020

Jul 03, 2017 How to reactivate your account - Twitter The username and email address on a deactivated account are available for use on another account 30 days after the account was deactivated. Within those 30 days, the information remains tied to the deactivated account to allow for reactivation. I tried to reactivate, but it says account reactivation is currently disabled How-to guide for deactivating the Twitter account Deactivating the Twitter account in the Browser:-If you are a user of Twitter, open your Twitter account from twitter.com on the browser of PC or mobile and login to your account. For deactivation of the Twitter account, follow these steps. On the browser of the Twitter account, click on option “More” located on the bottom left of the page How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently or Temporarily

How to Delete Your Twitter Account. Deleting your Twitter account is a little tricky in that there’s no direct way to do it. The only way is to deactivate your account (as described above) and wait for it to be purged—a process that takes 30 days. Avoid logging in during this period as that will reactivate your account. Stepping Away From

In the top menu, tap your profile icon, then tap Settings and privacy . Tap Account , then tap Deactivate your account at the bottom. Read the account deactivation information, then tap Deactivate . Enter your password when prompted and tap Deactivate . Confirm that you want to proceed by tapping Help with account deactivation - Twitter Deactivation is an action that must be taken by the confirmed account holder or by request of a confirmed account holder. Unfortunately, unless you can contact us from the confirmed email address (or have access to the verified mobile number on the account), we will be unable to deactivate the account on your behalf.

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Jul 30, 2012 How to Delete or Deactivate Twitter Account (5 Steps) Make a Sign-In:- In order to deactivate the twitter account, first of all you will need to switch on the … Can users still view your Twitter DMs after deactivation Edit: 15 Feb 2020 Part of my answer below is definitely wrong (and was wrong at the time of writing, though I didn’t know it). In July 2014 Twitter changed its help information about direct messages. On or before 7 July 2014 it said that if you de How to Deactivate a Twitter Account: 5 Steps (with Pictures) Log into your Twitter account from a computer. Twitter deactivation is only available from the …