Everyone's all a-twitter over the so-called "kill switch" found in Google's first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1.Here's the thing, though: Not only is it not a big deal -- it's actually a good thing.

i found this on an android forum "While it's true that newer smartphones are neccesary to have anti-theft kill switch, this particular kill switch on LG devices were installed by McAfee. From Android Community. LG Electronics announced that it has partnered with McAfee to … Android Lollipop's New 'Kill Switch' Could Discourage Oct 15, 2014 Android and Windows to get 'kill switch' - BBC News Jun 20, 2014 Should I Switch from Android to iPhone - iMobie Guide If you want to customize your phone, just keep on Android. 2. Should I Switch to iPhone – Different Data Management Way. As an Android user, you can easily add music to your phone or extract photos from phone to computer for further use. However, if you switch from Android to iPhone, you have to manage your iPhone data in a new way.

A stolen smartphone can ruin anyone's day, though the latest built-in anti-theft software can ruin the thief's too. Here's how to enable your phone's kill switch — and why you should.

Turn on Your Phone's Kill Switch So It's Useless If Stolen Android: Find My Device. Turn on Your Phone's Kill Switch So It's Useless If Stolen. You may also like. Gizmodo. Watch This Non-Cuttable Metal Destroy Saws Before They Can Slice Through It.

Jan 18, 2019 · Microsoft ended support for Windows Phone in July 2017 and stopped active development on Windows 10 Mobile in October of that year, leading to the death of the platform. Microsoft struggled to get

Jan 18, 2019 Android and Windows Phone devices will add a kill switch The New York Attorney General has signed agreements with Google and Microsoft to add "kill switches" to Android and Windows Phone devices. It comes as part of the "Secure our Smartphones Google confirms new 'kill switch' feature for next version