By clicking on the link your customers will be able to send you a WhatsApp message without having to add your phone number to their contact list. Whatsapp link generator Quickly generate a personalized WhatsApp link with a predefined message and share it with your audience on your Social Networks!

Quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp works with Safari 9+ To use WhatsApp, update Safari or use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. How WhatsApp Merger With Facebook Messenger Puts Your Jan 27, 2019 WhatsApp Business API - Facebook for Developers

Mar 18, 2020

Mar 18, 2020 WhatsApp FAQ - How we work with the Facebook Companies How we work with the Facebook Companies - In this article, we are providing additional information to our users in the European Region. What are the Facebook Companies? WhatsApp is one of the Facebook Companies. The Facebook Companies include, among others, Facebook, Oculus, and WhatsApp and together offer the Facebook Company Products. Why does WhatsApp share information with the Facebook …

May 15, 2020

Sending Media Messages /v1/messages. Use the messages endpoint to send messages containing audio, images, or documents to your customers.. Currently, there are two ways to send messages with the WhatsApp Business API: IDs and links. To use an ID, you must first upload the media using the media node to obtain the ID required for the messages API call. To use a link, you supply an HTTP(S) link Get started with WhatsApp for businesses | Facebook for The WhatsApp Business API is currently in a limited public preview. Please get in touch with your Facebook sales team representative or if you don't have one, sign up for updates and we'll let you know when it's available to the public. Facebook has a coronavirus problem. It's WhatsApp. - CNN