hi guys, what ports do i need to open for vpn? 1723, 47, 50, and 500 do i need to open these ports for VPN to work? Thanks in advance. · If you mean strictly VPN then these

network - What ports need to be opened to use the L2TP VPN According to Apple, L2TP is currently inoperative when the VPN server is NATed. Looks like we have to wait for a bug fix, or use PPTP in the mean time despite it's much lower security. Remember, if you configure PPTP, you need to activate OpenDirectory, and … How to configure a firewall for Active Directory domains Apr 28, 2020 What inbound ports do I need to open on my firewall for Oct 10, 2012

network - What ports need to be opened to use the L2TP VPN

How to Open Ports on Your Router? All Routers Guide 2020 Jul 03, 2020 What firewall ports do I need open? | AT&T Business Forums Mar 30, 2011

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As gstuartj said, those open ports are on the VPN's server address, not your IP. Regarding cryptostorm, the reason every port appears open is because they're using a couple of iptables rules that allows their clients to connect to their service using any UDP/TCP port. The only service actually listening on their VPN IPs is OpenVPN. What is Port Forwarding? A complete guide | NordVPN Aug 21, 2019 Port and protocol requirements for servers - Skype for Skype for Business Server requires that specific ports on the external and internal firewalls be open. Additionally, if Internet Protocol security (IPsec) is deployed in your organization, IPsec must be disabled over the range of ports used for the delivery of audio, video, and panorama video.