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rng(seed) specifies the seed for the MATLAB ® random number generator.For example, rng(1) initializes the Mersenne Twister generator using a seed of 1. The rng function controls the global stream, which determines how the rand, randi, randn, and randperm functions produce a sequence of random numbers. To create one or more independent streams separate from the global stream, see RandStream Queued | Conjugate Queue in English Queued is a conjugated form of the verb queue. Learn to conjugate queue. what does "renew lease" mean in t… - Apple Community Jan 12, 2017 Urban Dictionary: Queue Literally just the letter Q, but with 4 other letters so that it's a word.

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qBittorrent official forums - Index page Jul 16, 2020 Seed - definition of seed by The Free Dictionary seed the ovule of a flowering plant; germ or propagative part of anything: seed of a rebellion Not to be confused with: cede – yield or formally surrender to another: cede territory seed (sēd) n. pl. seeds or seed 1. a. A mature plant ovule containing an embryo. b. A small dry fruit, spore, or other propagative plant part. c. Seeds considered as a What Does It Mean When a Stock Trade Is Queued A queued order is still in effect and not yet canceled or annulled. When your trade is queued, that means continued attempts will be made to execute the order. This does not mean, however, that execution is guaranteed. Despite brokers' later attempts, there is a chance that the order may never be executed. Super Seeding - VuzeWiki