Supported Channels: UnoTelly hosts a large number of websites. As you can see in the below screenshot that currently UnoTelly supports 306 blocked channels and counting. Well, some of the websites require a simple registration and you’re ready to watch Blocked Channels online. You can get the complete list of unblocked channels from here. Support:

May 23, 2019 · To describe UnoTelly  in few words, it is a DNS based service which lets  you access blocked channels like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, etc., from anywhere without any geographical restrictions. UnoTelly has two services that help you watch online content outside of your country. Dec 21, 2014 · In brief, UnoTelly is a geo-bypass service that let’s you watch TV channels of any country! They have around 350 channels in their database currently, and are eagerly waiting to add more on user demand! Guess how your life would be using this product! You can always have a new channel and a new TV show to watch. Probably you’ll never get bored! Apart from Netflix, some other channels that you will enjoy with UnoTelly are BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Spotify, Vudu, Crackle and Fox. You can search if a movie or show you want to watch is available via one of the UnoTelly’s supported channels by visiting Moreflicks. UnoTelly basically based on a DNS (Domain Name System) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, UnoTelly enables you to watch from the channels from location and take advantage of all the great 300+ streaming channels around the globe from your 100+ devices. If you've been having trouble with the UnoTelly Smart DNS and VPN service, you're not alone. Wondering what your best options are for protecting your web browsing habits, and watching geo-restricted content? Check out this guide to the top 4 best Unotelly alternatives. UnoTelly tailors their service around TV streaming and provides you full access to over 300 channels, including more than 30 high-speed DNS servers. The best thing about using DNS to watch content is that it is completely legal to do: though the service providers missing out on the royalties aren’t too keen on the practice. Some of the Services/Channels mentioned above, offer different content depending on the country of connection. For example, Netflix offers different content in France, in the United States. Thanks to UnoTelly we can choose the country from which we want to connect to Netflix (currently supports 20 countries). The country selection is available

UnoTelly provides a reliable service at a good price. They offer SmartDNS packaged in a stand-alone version and bundled with VPN. They support a variety of channels across the globe. Members can switch Netflix regions using the Dynamo feature. It will also let you toggle the service on and off for some channels.

Oct 05, 2015 How to unlock channels like Netflix and Hulu with UnoTelly

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UnoTelly, A must for Online TV watchers - Tech Review Unotelly is a SmartDNS service which allows the customer to watch all the channels and series that they are missing because their country doesn’t air it. In other words, it’s an Online TV Service that bypasses Geographic Limitation. REVIEW:UnoTelly-Access Channels All Over The World Unotelly also allows us to watch american channels outside of USA with full speed and good bandwidth. UNO DNS and VPN-Difference The main difference between uno DNS and other VPN services is that UNOTELLY has much faster video streaming compared to VPN services.UNODNS does not have 'Middle Man' so the videos can be accessed at great rates of speed.Despites that, with this service users can UnoTelly Review - Smart DNS Fan