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What are the killer whales' predators? - Quora It seems that orcas don't have regular predators, apart from humans (regularly in the past and scarcely nowadays as Dillon Borges has told. The security of orcas comes not only from their size and dangerous potential as top predators, but from the Killer Whales - The Most Powerful Predators on the Planet Dec 14, 2018

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The Killer Whales Only Predator In Human Its Prey Ranges From Lepard Seal, Panguines, and Different Types of Fish The Killer Whale Has Also Been Known To Eat Other Types of Whale Like The Blue

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Some populations of killer whales in European waters may therefore be facing extinction as a result of the impact from these lingering toxic chemicals, which have been banned since the 1980s. Post mortem examinations like the one described above are largely responsible for such research, which has global significance for the killer whale.