Create a System Administrator User on CentOS Server

Nov 29, 2018 MongoDB: Create User - For Database, Admin, Root - ShellHacks I will also show how to create a user with admin and a user with root (superuser) privileges on the all databases in MongoDB. Create a User in MongoDB. Authentication Database: In MongoDB, user can have privileges across different databases. When adding a user, you create the user in a specific database. Manage local users in linux with useradd, usermod, chage Example:1 Create a local account & assign password. User the below syntax to create and assign to … linux - creating new admin webmin user in shell - Stack

Linux Mint Add User – Linux Hint

To create a new user with admin privileges in Ubuntu 12.04 and later: adduser --group sudo In Ubuntu 11.10 and earlier, use this instead: adduser --group admin To modify a existing user (12.04 and later): adduser --group sudo or. sudo usermod -aG sudo How To Create a Sudo User on Ubuntu [Quickstart

Oct 29, 2018

May 26, 2020 Adding a New Non-Root User in Kali Linux - Interface To create a new user in Kali Linux, first pop open a Terminal window. Then use the adduser command. In this example I’m creating a user named mikedan with a home directory of /mikedan so the command is adduser –home /mikedan mikedan. Adduser prompts for the rest of the information, which is optional. The user account is created. Need to create an admin user on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Sep 04, 2008