Approximately 8 months ago, I got an inspiration to creating something that can boom and show menu, which I named it Boom-Menu-Button, BMB. But at that time, I just a fresh-man in Android, knowing little about designing. The codes I wrote serveral months ago are ugly and performed low-efficient.

If you observe above code we created a one Button control in XML Layout file to show the popup menu when we click on Button.. In android, to define the popup menu, we need to create a new folder menu inside of our project resource directory (res/menu/) and add a new XML (popup_menu.xml) file to build the menu. Now open newly created xml (popup_menu.xml) file and write the code like as shown below. New menu button after upgrade to Android 7? | HTC 10 Feb 18, 2017 RIP Menu Button: Android 10 drops legacy support for

applications - Menu Button for Android 5.0 / Lollipop

The android:orderInCategory attribute specifies the order in which the menu items appear in the menu, with the lowest number appearing higher in the menu. The Contact item is set to 100, which is a big number in order to specify that it shows up at the bottom rather than the top.

Menu Button Android latest 4.9 APK Download and Install. Restore the lost menu button from Android. root is not required.

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