Your device lost connection to the internet after GameMaker opened but before it could receive a response from the server. Your Anti-virus software or firewall is blocking incoming information from and, or is blocking GameMaker's access to the internet in general.

System error: [10060] Connection timed out ) => aborting. If Cell Manager, Media Agent and Client (SQL Server) running A.09.09 and later then the use the omnirc for OB2PORTRANGE and OB2PORTRANGESPEC is no longer needed! How to solve Cannot Connect : Socket error # 10060 Windows Dec 25, 2013 Constant Socket Error 10060 - Connection Timed-Out | AT&T Nov 21, 2017 Can Windows Socket #10060 error (WSAETIMEDOUT - An attempt So - after blocking the attacking IP addresses and after ceasing the incoming attacking traffic, the Firewall resumed the regulat activity, and #10060 errors also disappeared. All this could be seen from the Firewall logs, so, that is good idea to check Firewall or Antivirus logs if …

Aug 01, 2011

Make sure your mail server settings were set up correctly in "Tools -> Account Settings -> Edit -> Servers Settings". If you are not sure about which settings to enter, login to your mail account via web browser and refer to the Help area. 10061, "Failed to connect: (10060, 'timed out') -1 Sep 19, 2012

Socket Error #10060, Connection Timed Out - Delphi

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