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Turning Off ISP Content Filters to Allow IPVanish Access Hover over the My Sky tab and select Broadband shield. Enter your Sky iD to log into your account. Select Custom, then Block or Unblock next to each website category to allow or block your preferred website categories and then select Save all settings. How To Use Any Website That Is Blocked By Virgin Media Jul 24, 2016 Solved: WiFi Booster Dropping off Network - Virgin Media

Virgin media has launched a new 152Mbps broadband connection alongside the introduction of the controversial “porn filter” designed to censor the internet and make it “family-safe”. Virgin claims that its new offering is the fastest in the UK, and they have also increased the entry-level speed up to 50Mbps, nearly twice the maximum

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They were all mandating filters be enabled as default for new customers, but overall take-up figures were low, with BT (5%), Sky (8%) and Virgin (4%). The figure was higher for TalkTalk (36%) as there had already been significant take-up of its system during the preceding three years. The industry average was 13%. How to bypass internet filters + or parental controls on Apr 16, 2016 Internet censorship in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia