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May 29, 2017 · To wrap it all, the torrent magnet links prove a real advancement in the field of torrenting. That enables the users to skip the first step of downloading torrent files. And reach the BitTorrent peer file directly just by clicking on it. So, this was all about the torrent magnet links. And how you can use these while downloading the torrents. Jan 10, 2020 · When you get the hang of it, uTorrent is simple to use. Like most other bit torrent clients, uTorrent also uses magnet links to download torrents. Magnet links replace torrent files, just by clicking on them, or adding them to your torrent client, such as uTorrent, starts the download. Just like .torrent files, magnet links are able to download any type of content for you. Magnet links are great for the simple reason that they’re low-maintenance and easy to use. As mentioned above, simply click on the magnet link and your torrent client, uTorrent, will take care of the rest. With magnet links, you no longer need to download a ".torrent" file to download a torrent. Magnet links have the same functionality as a ".torrent" file. To use magnet URIs, you need only ensure that your bittorrent client is associated with them. Just click the magnet link and let the bittorrent client do the rest. Trackers vs Indexers Jan 13, 2012 · Downloading files is still goal, and all modern torrent clients have had the capabilities of using magnet links along with .torrent files for quite a while. Although most users will use them the same, important differences do exist. The difference in .torrent files and magnet links. To explain this better, let’s use an example.

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Jun 28, 2020 · How to Use Magnet Links? Using magnet links is extremely easy. Almost all the torrent sites are providing a magnet download button. However, to give you a better idea, let’s just talk about the steps that you have to follow to download torrent using Magnet links: Also Read: How to Use The Pirate Bay in Blocked Countries With the magnet link torrent clients can download the torrent file and successively the file or files shared by the torrent without any additional step. Magnet links are easier to share between users compare to torrent files but they can also be use for more than just torrents.

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Magnet links work same as a .torrent file, but now you cannot download torrent file from popular torrent website. Instead, you have to use magnet link which has all the information related to files which you are trying to download. 1) Find the magnet torrent file. 2) Right click the little magnet icon in Chrome, then copy the URL. 3) Launch uTorrent / Torrent software of your choice. 4) Click “Add Torrent from URL” 5) Paste magnet link into field, press enter. 6) Download Starts. 6 steps, not bad if you just wanted to download a file or two.