El día 29 de Noviembre comienza la Open beta de Blade and Soul China y hasta el momento sabemos que no va a haber bloqueo de IP. Pueden jugar cualquiera desde cualquier lugar del mundo, siga mis pasos para registrarse, descargar e instalar Blade and Soul China Open Beta

Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by NCsoft's Team Bloodlust. Blade&Soul Japan and Korea server are blocking foreign IP address. Gamers who are living outside of Japan and Korea have to connect to Japan, Korea VPN. Let us talking about the ping. There are 8 Taiwan proxy servers in FlyVPN premium account, you can test one by one to find the best server for you. Many factors will affect the ping. May 03, 2017 · Máy tính bàn chơi game tốt nhất - Cấu hình máy chơi game Blade & Soul chỉ với 7Tr đồng - Duration: 7:53. Quoc Dat Computer 13,233 views 7:53 PvP stands for Player vs Player. Anytime a player is fighting another player it is PvP. In Blade and Soul, there are several different types of PvP, such as Arena PvP, 6v6, or open world PvP. Arena PvP is an equalized style of PvP available in 1 on 1, or as 3 on 3. 6v6 PvP is a non-equalized type of PvP where 6 players must fight the opposing team and hold capture points. Open World PvP can be PvP in Blade & Soul is based on an optional flagging system. Early on the story, players will be able to chose between the player factions Crimson Legion or the Cerulean Order. However, there are also NPC factions in the game with their own specific faction costume that also opens up PvP. Contents[show] General Players who wish to actively engage in player battles need to equip special PvP

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Oct 28, 2014 · Blade & Soul is a Korean excellent martial-arts massively multi-player online game developed by NCsoft (Team Bloodlust). Differ from the charge of other countries, the Taiwan server will be Free-to-Play, and unlike the China server, will not have any VIP system. But if need better service, it will be charged.

Jul 01, 2016 · Blade & Soul Tournament 2015 World Championship starts from Nov 1st to Nov 14th. Its stage musical is based on the story of the main villain, Jin Seo-Yeon. The championship will most likely also reveal the 9th class, which will in turn stir up a lot of hype for the early 2016 release of Blade & Soul and the beta weekends still to come. Je vous propose d'essayer le VPN essai gratuit de FlyVPN. Avant d'avoir Blade and Soul en Amérique du Nord ou en Europe, vous avez besoin peut-être d'essayer Blade and Soul serveur Chine, Japon, Corée ou Taiwan. Blade And Soul Roulette Locations best casinos around for US players. The bonus codes on our site are unique, which means you can use them only if you get to the casino through our website. Sell Blade & Soul CBT3 Account !! 05/03/2012 - Trading - 0 Replies hiha epvper guys i sell blade & soul 3cbt account + kora vpn account on FlyVPN for 45$ send me a pm end on 22may: Sell Blade & Soul CBT3 Account !! 05/02/2012 - General Gaming Discussion - 3 Replies Je vais vous guider à jouer à la version coréenne de Blade&Soul dehors de la Corée. (1) Téléchargez FlyVPN client, Dec 31, 2014 · FlyVPN will give you a free BDO account, but no refund. Alternative 2: Buy from agents. I suggest you to buy it from this guy. Add him in Skype. His Skype ID is zoi0607. The price is $7.99 for BD verified account. I bought many Korean games account from him. Such as Nexon, League of Legend, Archeage, Blade and Sou. I love revelation online, but playing it outside China is VERY laggy even with a VPN (FlyVPN). It has the same combat as Tera. Hadn't heard of it, looked it up. Looks almost exactly like blade and soul. Am I missing something? O.o