2020-5-31 · AWS Component. Command. Functionality group. Limitations. bold - supported, normal - supported with limitations, italic-not supported. VPC. AcceptVpcPeeringConnection

Very helpful, thanks. For others trying to figure out the regular expression in the last line, here's what I came up with: At the end of the line ($), find one or more digits following by one or more lowercase letters. Deploying ODAS on EC2¶ This document will guide you through installing ODAS on EC2 machines. You will walk through the following steps: Provision an EC2 instance for ODAS. Deploy a single-node base unconfigured cluster. Updating the configuration of your cluster. Joining more instances to your cluster manually. For EC2, the converter installer/package is located in your default user home directory. There is a README.txt file in the package describing what the package is for, and pointing to the MarkLogic documentation for more information Home page for Docker's documentation. Getting Started with Docker Take a walkthrough that covers writing your first app, data storage, networking, and swarms, and ends with your app running on production servers in the cloud. EC2API is a compatibility layer for Amazon EC2 API service in OpenStack. It replaces the previously built-in nova EC2-API service. Documentation and Code can be found at the following location: Host Recovery for Amazon EC2 automatically restarts your instances on a new host in the event of an unexpected hardware failure on a Dedicated Host. EC2 Hibernation is available for On-Demand and Reserved Instances running on freshly launched M3, M4, M5, C3, C4, C5, R3, R4, and R5 instances running Amazon Linux and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. You can

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Amazon EC2 examples¶ Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizeable computing capacity in servers in Amazon's data centers—that you use to build and host your software systems. You can use the following examples to access Amazon EC2 using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Python. Ensure your credentials have the correct permission to assign the instance profile according to the EC2 documentation, notably iam:PassRole. ipv6_address_count- (Optional) A number of IPv6 addresses to associate with the primary network interface. Amazon EC2 chooses the IPv6 addresses from the range of your subnet. Default: If the Region supports EC2-Classic, the default is standard. Otherwise, the default is vpc. Address (string) -- [EC2-VPC] The Elastic IP address to recover or an IPv4 address from an address pool. PublicIpv4Pool (string) -- The ID of an address pool that you own. Use this parameter to let Amazon EC2 select an address from the address pool.

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2020-5-19 · Apache CouchDB ® 3.1.0 Documentation. Welcome! This is the documentation for Apache CouchDB ® 3.1.0.. Meet CouchDB